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This is God's REset. NOT the World's.

Originally written and video recorded on March 31, 2021. Watch here.

Transcribed Word...

"We are about to see a mess of nobodies who will operate in the gifts of God on a scale that is not average. Probably hasn't ever been seen.

These nobodies have been put through the fire by God over the past few years to be refined and used. Their reputations have been destroyed. Their characters have gotten parental whoppings. They have been humbled.

They now represent God's heart. They speak and execute the will of God. They hear from God. They move when He says to "move" and do not move when He says, "do not move." They cannot be bought. They are on fire for God. They have had experiences that they haven't always understood. They have been tested and tried and everything about them personifies integrity. Not an integrity well known by mankind, but a level of integrity that could only come from being in relationship with God.

To these nobodies, here is a warning. You have not arrived at your final destination. Do not act like it. You will still need much more pruning, but it is now time to put to use everything the Lord has been teaching you over these few years.

With that being said, you need your spiritual mothers and fathers. You need your parents. You need God the most. You need those who have come before you. You need to honor what God has already done in those who are older than you, or you will suffer for your dishonor.

I know you haven't always seen eye to eye with the "older generation," but God made them who they are for many reasons, including the fact that you now need them. They have a foundation of the Bible that you do not have. You on the other hand, have supernatural experiences with Jesus they have never had, at rates they have never had.

To the older generation, God also honors your many years of service and for some of you, your next few years and onward will be some of the most incredible years of your life with God. What did not make sense before, God will begin to show you. Do not think of these mostly young nobodies as just young and dumb. They are full of power and in need of the leadership potential that God has placed in you, but has yet to be awakened to it's full potential. Do you see how reciprocity works? It is not good for man to be alone. We need all the helpers we can get.

To the generations alive at this SPECIFIC time in history, you are being called to set the world on fire in your respective areas.

The enemy's goal has always been to separate generations so that the passing down of knowledge would be difficult. If we are not communicating, there is a divide that cannot be bridged. The enemy is still up to his old tricks and this time, it is no different. Divide and conquer.

I have just given you his strategy. I have given you what I feel led to share from the Lord. It is your jobs to now to go to war on behalf of the Kingdom of God, because those who want to harm you have shown you no mercy. He was and is afraid of the time when what God placed in you would spring forth. NOW is that time. That's why he has fought you so hard your entire life.

I also feel led to share this verse:

Jeremiah 12:25 NIV

"If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?"

With this understanding: there are things greater than us humans out there. The only way forward is to stand firm TOGETHER, because whether you experience it fully yet or not, there is an intense war going on and if we cannot deal with our human differences, how do we even begin to drive home with force, and our God-given authority, the plans of the Lord?

The world is promoting a great reset. God is bringing one of His own."

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