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A Testimony of Many

Many football fields down was a LARGE figure on a seat. Football fields because I have no other example of measurement to express the distance I saw to you. A football field, or many, in length, acres, yards, feet, meters, etc., is something universal.

I was still crying but the light coming from the seat almost blinded me (figuratively). It was however, VERY bright. All I could see for sure were a few toes. I remained on my knees, head bowed (not sure why). In that instant, I saw the bottom of a very long robe in front of me. The man then placed His hand on the top of my head. I thought God had touched me. There were no words exchanged but I remember KNOWING that He knew exactly how much I was hurting.  

It was not until I told this story to my Pastor that he said, "that was Jesus." It's possible that my spirit entered heaven. I do not have full language to explain this experience. I can only to the best of my ability, share this encounter as I recall. It was very real.


That morning on our way to church, with my best friend driving, I felt the need to pray over her vehicle. I prayed that any ears listening would be that of good and not evil. We entered church and all was fine until worship began. The worship at this church is beyond anything I had ever experienced. Once finished and the Pastor began to preach, my best friend can verify that much of the verses that had been present in my life at that time and the conversation spoken of in the car that morning, was what the Pastor began preaching. This was not my home church, we were visiting as we had done a few times prior. This is why I began to cry uncontrollably. I KNEW God heard me and knew exactly what was on my heart. I cried into tissues after tissues. A very sweet woman seated next to us who just embraced me, allowed me to cry, and prayed over me. I do not recall if I took a break from crying but I do recall as the Pastor hit another point from that morning’s car conversation, I cried even more. My heart was breaking for an ex-partner of mine. Because of our spiritual incompatibility, I could not be with him. I asked God to save him or take him away from me. As I asked this of the Lord, my heart broke even more. At some point during this ordeal, I found myself on my knees. It was at this time I believe I somehow entered heaven. This was early 2019.  

Who I am becoming today, is a complete miracle that only GOD could have orchestrated. I have thought to myself often: I've seen Jesus three times now and there have been people, more advanced than I am in Christianity who have never seem Jesus." Only God knows why that is the case for me. With this realization, my personality has shifted to accommodate the huge responsibility I now hold: a testimony of Jesus Christ..."He IS real. So is God. So is heaven."

While my journey since then has been less than perfect and I have fallen in many ways since that encounter, God has never allowed me to be too far from Him. I want the Lord more than I can even explain. I will not excuse my human actions. I believe with all of my heart that as God continues His good work in you, you will also find yourself wanting to run to the Lord more than anything even when you screw up.

It's His love that draws us close. We become curious and desire more. God also has other ways of bringing others to Him. I believe this is based on our personalities and life experiences. There are people who are not moved by love, but are moved by tough love. Regardless of our life experiences, I believe they were always meant to lead us right to Him.  

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