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Crossing Over Season

Crossing over

Many things are about to change in many lives for the glory of God. When Betty White died just weeks shy of her 100th birthday (12/31/21), I knew something was going on. Although then, I couldn't quite figure it out. I then see on a live billboard on a seemingly random day, that John Madden died (12/28/21). He also died before the new year began. I am not huge on sports, but if you are, you know the impact this man had. I now understand that these were signs. I believe they signify that despite the enemy's best efforts to pull God's people backwards, to kills us, really, to stop us before our major crossover, he has lost. “Consecration”

I had a dream on Monday January 31st, 2022. God speaks to me very often on the cusps (one end 31st, one beginning 1st). This dream was social media oriented in the sense that the person who had the message for me, is someone I follow on social media. This person has quite a following. I had not seen this person post for quite some time. I did not know why. These thoughts came about because for some strange reason, this person crossed my mind. It was then shocking to me that not only did God use them to give me a message on the 31st in my dream, but on the 1st, this person shows back up on social media. Pops right up on my feed. They were just a thought. I hadn't searched their name at all nor did I speak it aloud. The message from this person's mouth was simple: "consecration." I woke up confused having no idea what that meant or what to do. I had no idea what "consecration" really meant. When I say this, what I mean is, I had no idea what this LOOKED like or HOW to go about doing it. I began researching and even from Scripture, the HOW did not jump out at me. I continued and landed on YouTube. Someone doing a teaching on consecration mentions Joshua 3:5 and this is where the rest of the pieces of this puzzle begins to fall into place. Circumcision

Although the process of circumcision is very important, this Word is less about the act (although I am engaged in it as best as I understand, unless the Lord tells me otherwise), and more about where I would find the rest of the puzzle pieces to understand the big picture God was trying to paint for me. By the way, I am actively fasting, feasting on the Word (Bible) also known as studying, and being mindful of my engagement with others, as well as possible triggers that need to be addressed in and with prayer as they arise. Circumcision is traditionally known as the act of removing the foreskin from the male genitalia. This is important in the Jewish tradition. When God alludes to circumcision in the Word for example, He made it clear whether it should be done literally (Joshua 5:2), or figuratively/spiritually (Romans 2:28-29). In this case, I believe God is leading us to the spiritual circumcision of our hearts. I believe we are in a temporary holding place after crossing over our Jordan River. This temporary holding place is called "Gilgal" which means, "Today I (God) have rolled away the reproach (shame/disgrace) of Egypt from you (Joshua 5:8-9)." I believe we must “roll away” what hinders a deeper connection with God so that He may do surgery on our hearts. To prosper after this crossing over, we cannot afford to tackle it with a business as usual mentality. Much has changed even if it has yet to manifest in the natural. As mentioned in the section on consecration, I am limiting my engagement with the world so I may devote myself more to God during this time. I need to clearly receive what He is communicating. I need to quite frankly, love on Him by spending time with Him. I need to know the strategies for operation moving forward. We all do. Preparation is necessary and crucial. Canaan

The fourth and final C Word (all intentional, I am sure) Canaan, is the land that Joshua would lead the Israelites to possess once they'd crossed the Jordan and after Gilgal. On the way, the people of God had seen the Lord do many miraculous things including parting the Jordan as the Israelites walked on dry ground during a season of flooding. We are all experiencing a flooding to our systems at this time. It is a tactic of distraction and intended to wear out the people of God. It is intentional. It is warfare. Although this is so, I would like to remind you that the path ahead of the Israelites leading to their crossing over, was prepared by God. The Ark of the Covenant was carried by the priests along with them (Joshua 3:8-17). Here is what I believe God is saying to His people with eyes to see and ears to hear: a crossing over has been initiated on levels like The Red Sea and the Jordan (Joshua 4:23). Though there are obstacles before you (the Jordan) the Lord will move them out of the way to get you to where He has planned for you. It is necessary to spend meaningful time with Him right now to know how to partner with Him into the safety of the land He has promised you, and into the promises He has made to you (Joshua 3:7). He is faithful to deliver (Joshua 4:14).

As I am jotting this down, this is what I feel like God has said to my heart: "No longer will My people suffer the treachery of Egypt." According to Google, the word treachery means: “betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature.” There has been “deceptive action” by many who the enemy has been operating through. These acts of deception have resulted in mass “betrayal of trust.”

I also feel like sharing that God's great mercy will carry you. As a sign of this cross over, look for the drying up of resources in your life (Joshua 5:12) that were beneficial to you in the past season, but will be no longer so in this one. May you “rest” in the safety of God's protection and provision as He did for the Israelites in Goshen [Exodus 8:22-23] and during His Passover (See Exodus 11-12) so you may ultimately eat the produce of Canaan.

I am well aware that this sounds weird considering the times, but I also feel to share that we should celebrate. We should give thanks to God. Did not the Jews celebrate in their camp (temporary holding place) at Gilgal (Joshua 5:10-12)? We know that Canaan is our destination. In sharing this Word, I do believe this is what God is telling His people to do at this time: celebrate while you wait. This same God remains in full control, and though we may not yet see it in the natural, let’s celebrate what is not yet, until we do see it manifest (Romans 4:17) in Jesus’ name.

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Hallelujah! He deserves all of our praises and love. May you be blessed as you have believed🙏🏾


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Oh, man! This is resonating with me so deeply. Praise, Jesus! Praise your holy and mighty name! We believe, Lord. We thank you and we love you! We wait in earnest anticipation to see you move. We give you all the glory! Amen!

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