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A Snake Eating Itself


I saw a vision of a snake eating itself yesterday. It was so quick I was about to write it off, but I don't even like snakes and the chances of me daydreaming about one eating itself is slim to none. This morning after spending some time singing to the Lord and just thanking Him, I began scrolling on my Google newsfeed. I then saw a snake-like figure on a person's item of clothing and immediately, yesterday's vision returned to my mind. I must say that when things like this happen to me (very quick vision), I don’t always speak it out loudly at first. I am careful to speak to God internally before even considering creating a post of any kind. I am aware that our minds are prized real estate for the enemy, so it is not abnormal for me sit on something I believe God has given me until I am sure. Confirmation the morning after certainly helps.

The Research… I began researching: "why do snakes eat themselves?" Below in bold are a few of the reasons I've found. Next to them in parentheses is what I believe God is trying to communicate. Overheating (inability to escape one's imminent negative fate) Stress (cornered with nowhere to go) Hunger (last man for themselves mentality/throwing anyone under the bus/the rationale that there aren’t enough resources for everyone/hoarding)

The Message Here… The wisdom of man does fail him, and when push comes to shove, the desire to survive often outweighs the methods. The actual consequences aren’t always considered first. What is right is often thrown out the window for what seems to make sense, even if on a normal basis, the action about to be taken for self-preservation is considered wrong. These are the days where Isaiah 5:20 is so very evident. We must take special care that God’s standards are our standards because as humans, we are indeed often wrong. God however, never is.

I believe we are going to see the fulfillment of many (I am sure) Prophetic Words regarding God's judgement on those who are evil, have done evil, refuse to repent, and would certainly do it all again if they could. I can't tell anyone how to pray about this. Please seek God's wisdom and counsel.

More Research… I also found a word synonymous with the act of a snake eating itself: The ouroboros or uroboros (/ˌjʊərəˈbɒrəs/[2]) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon[3] eating its own tail. The ouroboros entered Western tradition via ancient Egyptian iconography and the Greek magical tradition. It was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy. The term derives from Ancient Greek οὐροβόρος,[4] from οὐρά oura 'tail' plus -βορός -boros '-eating'.[5][6] The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth; the snake’s skin-sloughing symbolizes the transmigration of souls. The snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol in some religions: the tail is a phallic symbol and the mouth is a yonic or womb-like symbol.[7].”

(Wikipedia, 2022)

Final Thoughts… Interestingly enough, Egypt is a very big theme for this time. You can refer to The Book of Exodus in the Bible for context.

When God communicates, one Word can mean many things. In this case, I had no knowledge of the historical context behind a snake eating itself, I just know what I saw in that very quick vision. God does desire that we seek out the things He has intentionally hidden for us to find (Proverbs 25:2). Sometimes this has looked like research for me. I have shared all I feel led to share with explanation as well as without. As you read this post, allow God to communicate to you what He would like you to know.

Again, please seek Him on all things. Don't just believe what anyone says. I may be right by God's grace ninety-nine times, but for some reason, can be off even just once. I am a human with God given gifts and talents, yet this does not make me special. This makes me able to make mistakes, to sin, to fall short. Yahweh though, He is perfect, He never misses it. Please allow Him to be your final authority on all things. He will never steer you wrong.


A Few Ways to Grow in the Things of God:

1.) Paying attention to patterns He may show you and the tone of His voice when He communicates a thing to you. Is it Yahweh Who is speaking to you or is it Jesus or Holy Spirit? They sound different. Reading the Bible helps with this.

2.) Even when you need nothing from God, spend time with Him. Thank Him, sing to Him, tell Him you love Him, and spend time showing Him.

It is okay if you do not know how to do these things right away, He will teach you (John 14:26; 1 John 2:27) how to treat Him in His Word among other ways. The enemy does appear like an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) so please be careful not to take in everything that appears to be God. As you read God’s Word, His character will become more known to you. When I have an experience that does not line up with what I know of God from spending time with Him (His Word/The Bible), I have learned to throw it out. The Lord is faithful to lead us to Him when we seek Him, and seek Him with all of our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13).

3.) Seek Him.

Originally written: 6/29/2022

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