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God's Truths in Action

House Painting Tools

Number 1.

As Christians, we can often be busy but ineffective. This wears us out and bears NO FRUIT.

For Example: I'm an errand-running Jesus believer lol. I'm always running an errand. After being exhausted one too many times, I have learned tools to better plan and execute my errands. Less tired with more done? YES, PLEASE! Win/win. Christians, STOP telling unbelievers to, "do do do." Instead, SHOW them HOW. 

The HOW...

Jesus. We have the unique opportunity to lead others to following Jesus as they see YOU following Jesus. 

If God has sent you someone or people to disciple, give them homework. Refer them to the Gospel accounts: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This will introduce them to Jesus as the scripture outlines. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. It's hard to love someone who people do not know (this is the purpose, to learn of and know about Jesus before they KNOW Jesus). Us Christians must understand that we did not all have supernatural introductions to Jesus. It is as simple as teaching and learning. 

When these disciples of yours ask you questions, answer their questions--even the hard ones. If you don't have the answer, DON'T LIE or make something up. There is a sense of hope when I as a pupil see my leaders humbly admit they are also human and can't be everything to everyone at all times. You know what else gives me hope? When my Pastor says, "I don't know, but we can find out."


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