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For the 7 years of plenty, we will gather DOUBLE...and then some. For the 7 years of famine, we will not be without.

My process...

God gave me a dream during the night (2/24/23).

As I was awake processing it with Him, Holy Spirit likened it to when God provided Manna from heaven for the Children of Israel and told them (through Moses) to gather 6 days but not on the 7th as they were to observe the Sabbath (REST). I think it not strange that in Bob Jones' "100 Year Prophecy" he said the 2020s would bring forth "the rest of God." Audio excerpt of this prophecy.

Carrying on...

Regardless of how much or how little they gathered, they ALL had the same quantity. Please read Exodus 16.

I think it's interesting that the world and sometimes the church (unfortunately) argues over equality and equity sometimes interchangeably (they're not the same). In God giving me this dream, it is so clear how present AND fair He actually is. He is truly THE Good Father, y'all.

Preparation, mercy, love, HOPE.

I can't say I've been "worried" about what it would take to store up in the 7 years of plenty for the 7 years of famine, BUT, while I may be rich in the Spirit because my Daddy owns it all, considering my "humble life", I have wondered: "how in the world would this be possible for MY family?"

Ever since latching onto the 1 Billion soul Harvest prophecy, a few years ago, another by Bob Jones, I have been believing for even more than 1 billion souls. With 8 billion people currently alive, 1 billion to enter the Kingdom isn't enough. The alternative is hell and I'm not okay with that at all. God is alerting me that He is speaking of this event to take place during this "7yr DOUBLE...and then some" time as well.

Let me caution with this...

God's pattern with me is interesting. He will give me insight into how a situation will turn out, but not share the process to get there. Baby, with some of the things I've gone through over the past few years since choosing Christ, I would've quit if God had given me the details of the process. He knows this. I am so grateful He is ALL KNOWING (omniscient), kind, patient, and gentle with us.

All this to say...

Even if things fall apart worldwide after I've made this fresh Word public, God has STILL given me the end to share with you who will listen: For the 7 years of plenty, we will gather DOUBLE, and then some. For the 7 years of famine, we will not be without.


It is time to grow your faith. I can't assure anyone that this will be an easy thing to believe God for AND WORK towards. What I can tell you is, 10/10, 100%/100%, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, GOD NEVER FAILS. He CAN'T.

I URGE you to study Exodus 16 and Genesis 41. Allow Holy Spirit to lead you into what He has for YOU and YOUR family. The Word of God is where YOUR SPECIFIC instructions to thrive during these years ahead will come from. Please do your part and pray into this Word. Ask God if it's true! Always seek Him.

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