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                                 is an unconventional blog . On this platform, I want to encourage you to make telling truths less stigmatized. I am inviting all who will visit into my relationship with Jesus Christ. No truth will be off limits. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32)" is a promise of God. Far more of us than we would like to admit feel alone and hopeless in this life. That is not how God has created us to feel on a continuous basis, nor the life He intends for us. 
I will be sharing what the Lord inspires or instructs me to share and on His timeline, not mine. This means there will be no set schedule for posts. I will even share the messy stuff that others have told you were to be confined to your own thoughts, your family, or the four walls of a building. We are all REAL people with REAL issues. 
I endeavor to challenge your minds, inspire your hearts, and share practical application of God’s truths. Incase no one has told you, here is your first of many reminders: you are not weird by heaven's standards, what you are is called. You are being trained to be sent out to a dying world, and you my friend, are not alone. Here at Telle's|"Truths", may you never forget that everybody is somebody who matters to God.  


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